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    Supers are boxes places on top of the hives that have several frames inside. The bees build up this honeycomb frame and deposit the honey inside the cells. After harvesting the super from the field we remove these frames from the super to extract the honey from the cells.

    FYI and correction of the above: Supers are boxes “placed” (in lieu of “places”)

    Site looks great and I enjoyed the reading . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    Sgt. W.B. Adams

  2. Janis McTier

    Very interesting!! I have learned more here than anywhere else..I buy my “raw Honey” at a local outdoor produce stand..Honey is very good, but can’t locate Bee keeper .. will probably find you and visit your facility soon.. Thanks for all the info!

  3. I live in Henrico, Va. and want local honey for my allergies. Do you have any beekeepers here.

    • hfhoney

      Honey is produced at different months through the year. The honey produced down the street from you in March most likely will not have the same pollen inside of it that is bothering your allergies in December. So in general honey itself and the general pollen content seem to help in my opinion. Technically a raw honey produced down the road from you is going to have the same amount of “active” local pollen in December as a Florida raw honey. I hope you give us a try.

  4. Tom Brownlee

    I bought the smallest size crate to test quality of honey, their efficiency in packaging and delivery speed…was impressed on each. I just placed a 133 personalized crate order and having them dropped shipped to my customers across the country. Thank you Honey Feast for handling the details so efficiently.

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