Honey Pumps
Honey Pumps

Honey Feast honey pumps are the clean and easy way to use honey in the kitchen. Designed for our 12 ounce jars. A perfect way to dispense honey! Pumps are dishwasher safe and reusable.

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Sabal Palm 12oz jars
Sabal Palm 12oz jars

Honey Feast Palm Honey comes from the native Florida Cabbage Palm Tree.  It produces a strong honey with a lot of character.  Some people describe it as a sweet earthy tasting honey that can easily replace their maple syrup.

This is extremely raw, unheated, unfiltered and unprocessed honey.  When we extract the honey from the hive we create a field drum of honey with bits of wax and bee parts mixed inside.  We then simply strain this honey on top of a 200 millimeter screen.  The honey naturally drips through the screen without pipes or pressure and from there it goes directly into your bottle.  Our honey is bottled and labeled by hand.

Some people call this Organic honey because the remote palm trees we use are not sprayed by pesticides or used in farming activities but it is not USDA Organic listed because the land is not “certified organic” by the USDA.

12 ounce glass container.

Dont forget to add a honey pump!


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Raw Honeycomb – 5oz cuts
Raw Honeycomb – 5oz cuts

Our raw honeycomb is very special.  Normal hives have a preconfigured frame with a center support.  This does not allow a beekeeper to extract the comb intact and is only used for honey production.  To produce a raw honeycomb the bees must be given an empty frame with no support and they complete the entire frame on their own.  It takes more time and most beekeepers do not produce comb honey. But we do!  Each season we make comb honey.

Each honeycomb frame is cut into four equal sections.  The honeycomb is placed is specially sized containers to hold it intact.  These are hard plastic containers not the cheap fast food takeout style plastic containers.

Since each frame has a different weight of honey, and we sometimes cut them all a little different, it is hard to say exactly what the weight is going to be.  What we can tell you is that you will get approximately 1/4 of a hive frame worth of comb honey and it will average between 10oz and 15oz of raw honeycomb.

Get the honeycomb while you can!  This sells out fast and once its gone you'll have to wait until next year!

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