Sabal Palm 12oz jars
Sabal Palm 12oz jars

Honey Feast Palm Honey comes from the native Florida Cabbage Palm Tree.  It produces a strong honey with a lot of character.  Some people describe it as a sweet earthy tasting honey that can easily replace their maple syrup.

This is extremely raw, unheated, unfiltered and unprocessed honey.  When we extract the honey from the hive we create a field drum of honey with bits of wax and bee parts mixed inside.  We then simply strain this honey on top of a 200 millimeter screen.  The honey naturally drips through the screen without pipes or pressure and from there it goes directly into your bottle.  Our honey is bottled and labeled by hand.

Some people call this Organic honey because the remote palm trees we use are not sprayed by pesticides or used in farming activities but it is not USDA Organic listed because the land is not “certified organic” by the USDA.

12 ounce glass container.

Dont forget to add a honey pump!


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